The GroundTruth Exploration team is comprised of a group of individuals who are passionate about providing innovative exploration and survey methods to deliver the best services possible. We take pride in quality data collection and analysis using survey methods that are extremely efficient and environmentally responsible. Our company has been built from the ground up by our team of long term personnel who are dedicated to these principles.



Luc Brousseau

Corporate Business Manager & CEO

Luc Brousseau, our Corporate Business Manager and CEO comes to us with over 30 years of varied business experience. Luc spent the first 12 years of his career working in the banking industry and then spent 19 years in the mining industry. He moved to Winnipeg in 2014 and worked in HR for 2 manufacturing companies before coming on to work for Ground Truth. Luc brings extensive experience both in Human Resources and Purchasing Management which he acquired at Falconbridge’s Kidd Creek operations in Timmins, Ontario and also at the Noranda’s Corporate office as a Sourcing Manager for the Canadian Operations. Luc’s goal is to facilitate growth and support Ground Truth Exploration‘s presence globally while maintaining it’s simple and environmentally friendly methods. Drones to Drills.

Isaac Fage


Isaac Fage has worked in the Yukon mineral exploration industry continuously for more than 10 years. He began his career working for RyanWood Exploration Inc. from 2004 -2009 and graduated from the Centre of Geographic Sciences with an advanced diploma in Remote Sensing/GIS in 2007. Isaac was a co-founder of GroundTruth Exploration Inc. in 2010, and successfully coordinated one of the largest regional soil sampling programs ever conducted on the planet in 2011. Isaac has built up a unique skill set that combines planning and execution of efficient field surveys with a strong GIS background for data management, analysis and mapping.

Tao Henderson


In 2011, Tao Henderson formed his own company, Talus Exploration Ltd. In partnership with RyanWood. Talus offered excavator trenching services to mining companies at the height of the recent modern gold rush, in cooperation with Groundtruth Exploration. Talus merged with Groundtruth Exploration in early 2013, resulting in the co-ownership of the company with Isaac Fage. Recently, Henderson finished the development on a 2 year project to perfect the track mounted Geoprobe®, which has taken mineral exploration in the Yukon by storm, as it essentially does the same work as a trench sampling program without the significant environmental impact that a traditional excavator would cause.

Cathy Wood


Cathy has been involved in the exploration industry for over 20 years starting with running geophysical surveys, to prospecting, to eventually running many successful private corporations. She and her partner Shawn Ryan, co-owners of RyanWood Exploration Inc., were the main prospecting team who’s deep soil sampling techniques led to the White Golden Saddle discovery (1.5 Moz.) and the Coffee Gold Project (4.2 Moz) in the Yukon new White Gold District. As an owner/director of GroundTruth she works with the team in an advisory capacity.

Jodie Gibson, P. Geo.

Director of Exploration

Jodie Gibson is an innovative exploration geologist with strong technical and managerial skills. He has a diverse background ranging from grass roots exploration to resource definition, and over 10 years of mineral exploration experience in various tectonic and orogenic environments; with significant experience throughout the Yukon and Alaska. In the capacity of Senior Geologist and Project Manager, he was part of the Underworld Resources team that discovered and defined the Golden Saddle and Arc deposits, and also oversaw the discovery drill holes on Comstock Metals QV project in 2012.

Jodie received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology in 2003 and a Master of Science Degree in Geology in 2006 from Indiana State University. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC.

Chad Côté

Tech and Data Manager

Chad Cote graduated from the University of Victoria in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography, specialising in GIS and Remote Sensing. He worked as a summer employee for RyanWood Exploration from 2007-2009, before joining GroundTruth Exploration Inc. as a full time project manager in 2010. Through his methodical approach and commitment to quality work, Chad has helped to spearhead the geophysics branch of the company into the state of the art, efficient workhorse it has become.

Gwen Franks

Administrative & Finance Manager

Living all her life in the Yukon, Gwen Franks has gained many years of experience in mining administration, Government, and local businesses. She has been a member of the team at GroundTruth Exploration Inc. since its start in April 2010. Her knowledge has made her skills in office management and bookkeeping an asset to the efficiency and accuracy of day to day operations. Her dedication and passion for the company and willingness to assist makes her a valuable team player and a pleasure to work with.